StickWriter Stand-alon Socket Board Option

Content of option -- One additional license
-- Connected kit

SW-AD01(One additional license)

> Support device table
> Flow of license purchase

  • The file of the parameter of one series can be added to StickWriter on hand. (The two or more license purchase is also possible. )
  • Each parameter file can be added by inputting the validation code corresponding to the serial number of the main body to StickWriter.

License Purchase Flow

1.Customer Order product type "SW-AD01" for additional licenses.
2.Us Deliver a "License Card" with an encrypted password.
3.Customer Send e-mail including the password and StickWriter serial number.
4.Us Confirm the password and reply with an authorization code enabling the addition of any 1 series of parameter files.
5.Customer Input the authorization code into "Authorization Code" in the "Programmer" menu.


SW-OP-N(Connected kit)

Various cable adaptors attached to standard package.
+ USB extension cable
+ Target cable
+ Extension adaptor
+ FP4 adaptor