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  • Compact size that can be connected with USB connector directly.
  • It is possible to write it only in the place where the power supply of the target board is turned on.
  • The series of the support device can be added by adding the license. <When the product is shipped, one series is fixed.>(It explains an additional license by the option.)
  • Refer to "Support device table" for correspondence to each series and each device.
  • The written file is only prepared because a peculiar parameter file to the device is recorded in the memory of the main body.
  • As the writer, the built-in data memory is mass 32MByte. (However, the object code that can be preserved : only by one.)
  • The HEX file of 1MByte high-speed is downloaded at about ten seconds.
  • When connected tool is not needed, a simple package only of the writer unit and the application software recommends it.

Connection example

a) When PC is connected
b) When standalone operates. (Operate in the target power supply.)

Attention: Stand-alone Socket Board is an optional.(Table for SS board Reference)



Main screen

Setup screen


Support device table
(Last Update 2008/1/22)

78K0S Series
Series name Support device Writing time
SW-K0SKX1 SW-K0SKX1-S 78K0S/Kx1+ KU1+ uPD78F9200 0.5 Sec
uPD78F9201 1 Sec
uPD78F9202 1 Sec
KY1+ uPD78F9210 0.5 Sec
uPD78F9211 1 Sec
uPD78F9212 1 Sec
KA1+ uPD78F9221 1 Sec
uPD78F9222 1 Sec
KB1+ uPD78F9232 1 Sec
uPD78F9234 2 Sec

78K0 Series
Series name Support device Writing time
SW-K0KX2 SW-K0KX2-S 78K0/Kx2 KB2 uPD78F0500 3 Sec
uPD78F0501 4 Sec
uPD78F0502 5 Sec
uPD78F0503 5 Sec
uPD78F0503D 5 Sec
KC2 uPD78F0511 4 Sec
uPD78F0512 4 Sec
uPD78F0513 5 Sec
uPD78F0513D 5 Sec
uPD78F0514 6 Sec
uPD78F0515 7 Sec
uPD78F0515D 7 Sec
KD2 uPD78F0521 4 Sec
uPD78F0522 4 Sec
uPD78F0523 5 Sec
uPD78F0524 6 Sec
uPD78F0525 7 Sec
uPD78F0526 9 Sec
uPD78F0527 12 Sec
uPD78F0527D 12 Sec
KE2 uPD78F0531 4 Sec
uPD78F0532 4 Sec
uPD78F0533 5 Sec
uPD78F0534 6 Sec
uPD78F0535 7 Sec
uPD78F0536 9 Sec
uPD78F0537 12 Sec
uPD78F0537D 12 Sec
KF2 uPD78F0544 6 Sec
uPD78F0545 7 Sec
uPD78F0546 9 Sec
uPD78F0547 12 Sec
uPD78F0547D 12 Sec
SW-K0LX2 SW-K0LX2-S 78K0/Lx2 LE2 uPD78F0361 4 Sec
uPD78F0362 4 Sec
uPD78F0363 5 Sec
uPD78F0363D 5 Sec
LF2 uPD78F0372 4 Sec
uPD78F0373 5 Sec
uPD78F0374 6 Sec
uPD78F0375 7 Sec
uPD78F0376 9 Sec
uPD78F0376D 9 Sec
uPD78F0382(Correspondence schedule) -
uPD78F0383(Correspondence schedule) -
uPD78F0384(Correspondence schedule) -
uPD78F0385 7 Sec
uPD78F0386(Correspondence schedule) -
uPD78F0386D(Correspondence schedule) -
LG2 uPD78F0393 5 Sec
uPD78F0394 6 Sec
uPD78F0395 7 Sec
uPD78F0396 9 Sec
uPD78F0397 12 Sec
uPD78F0397D 12 Sec
SW-K0LX3 SW-K0LX3-S 78K0/Lx3 - (Correspondence schedule) -

SW-K0FX2 SW-K0FX2-S 78K0/Fx2 FF2 uPD78F0892 9 Sec
uPD78F0893 12 Sec

78K0R Series
Series name Support device Writing time
SW-K0RKX3 SW-K0RKX3-S 78K0R/Kx3 KE3 uPD78F1142 6 Sec
uPD78F1143 9 Sec
uPD78F1144 12 Sec
uPD78F1145 17 Sec
uPD78F1146 23 Sec
KF3 uPD78F1152 6 Sec
uPD78F1153(Correspondence schedule) -
uPD78F1154 12 Sec
uPD78F1155 17 Sec
uPD78F1156 23 Sec
KG3 uPD78F1162 6 Sec
uPD78F1163(Correspondence schedule) -
uPD78F1164 12 Sec
uPD78F1165 17 Sec
uPD78F1166 23 Sec
uPD78F1167 32 Sec
uPD78F1168 44 Sec
KH3 uPD78F1174(Correspondence schedule) -
uPD78F1175(Correspondence schedule) -
uPD78F1176(Correspondence schedule) -
uPD78F1177(Correspondence schedule) -
uPD78F1178 44 Sec
KJ3 (Correspondence schedule) -

V850 Series
Series name Support device Writing time
SW-850KX2 SW-850KX2-S V850ES/Kx2 KE2 uPD70F3726 14 Sec
KF2 uPD70F3728 14 Sec
uPD70F3729 27 Sec
KG2 uPD70F3731 14 Sec
uPD70F3732 27 Sec
KJ2 uPD70F3733 14 Sec
uPD70F3734 27 Sec
SW-850JX2 SW-850JX2-S V850ES/Jx2 JG2 uPD70F3715 4 Sec
uPD70F3716 8 Sec
uPD70F3717 13 Sec
uPD70F3718 17 Sec
uPD70F3719 21 Sec
JJ2 uPD70F3720 4 Sec
uPD70F3721 8 Sec
uPD70F3722 13 Sec
uPD70F3723 17 Sec
uPD70F3724 21 Sec
SW-850HX2 SW-850HX2-S V850ES/Hx2 HE2 uPD70F3700 2 Sec
HG2 uPD70F3707 15 Sec
HJ2 uPD70F3712 26 Sec
SW-850IX2 SW-850IX2-S V850ES/Ix2 IE2 uPD70F3713 5 Sec
uPD70F3714 9 Sec
SW-850JX3 SW-850JX3-S V850ES/Jx3 JG3 (Correspondence schedule) -
JJ3 uPD70F3743(Correspondence schedule) -
uPD70F3744(Correspondence schedule) -
uPD70F3745 20 Sec
uPD70F3746 26 Sec
SW-850IX3 SW-850IX3-S V850E/Ix3 IF3 uPD70F3451 6 Sec
uPD70F3452 11 Sec
IG3 uPD70F3453 6 Sec
uPD70F3454 11 Sec
SW-850HX3 SW-850HX3-S V850ES/Hx3 - (Correspondence schedule) -

SW-850SX2 SW-850SX2-S V850ES/Sx2 SG2 uPD70F3261Y 10 Sec
uPD70F3263Y 17 Sec
uPD70F3271Y 10 Sec
uPD70F3273Y 17 Sec
uPD70F3281Y 10 Sec
uPD70F3283Y 17 Sec
uPD70F3263HY 17 Sec
uPD70F3273HY 17 Sec
uPD70F3283HY 17 Sec
SJ2 uPD70F3264Y 10 Sec
uPD70F3266Y 17 Sec
uPD70F3274Y 10 Sec
uPD70F3276Y 17 Sec
uPD70F3284Y 10 Sec
uPD70F3286Y 17 Sec
uPD70F3288Y 17 Sec
uPD70F3266HY 17 Sec
uPD70F3276HY 17 Sec
uPD70F3286HY 17 Sec
uPD70F3288HY 17 Sec
SW-850SX3 SW-850SX3-S V850ES/Sx3 SG3 uPD70F3333 7 Sec
uPD70F3334 11 Sec
uPD70F3335 7 Sec
uPD70F3336(Correspondence schedule) -
uPD70F3340 15 Sec
uPD70F3341 19 Sec
uPD70F3342(Correspondence schedule) -
uPD70F3343(Correspondence schedule) -
uPD70F3350 15 Sec
uPD70F3351(Correspondence schedule) -
uPD70F3352(Correspondence schedule) -
uPD70F3353 28 Sec
SJ3 uPD70F3344 11 Sec
uPD70F3345 15 Sec
uPD70F3346 19 Sec
uPD70F3347 22 Sec
uPD70F3348 28 Sec
uPD70F3354 11 Sec
uPD70F3355 15 Sec
uPD70F3356 19 Sec
uPD70F3357 22 Sec
uPD70F3358 28 Sec
uPD70F3364 11 Sec
uPD70F3365 15 Sec
uPD70F3366 19 Sec
uPD70F3367 22 Sec
uPD70F3368 28 Sec
SW-850FX2 SW-850FX2-S V850ES/Fx2 FF2 uPD70F3232 7 Sec
SW-850IA4 SW-850IA4-S V850E/IA4 - uPD70F3186 8 Sec
*1 The writing time is a standard.
It measures it putting up Option of Blank check before Erase,Checksum after Program.



Product name StickWriter
Type Standard package Simple package
Order number SW-xxxx SW-xxxx-S
Support device Please refer to the support device table.
Built-in data memory 32MByte(NAND Flash)
Supported communication method UART, clock synchronizer SIO (with/without H/S)
Target voltage 1.65V - 5.5V(For under 3.3V, power supply is required from USB)
Interface PC side USB2.0 (Bus/power operation)
Target side Hirose Electronics DF11 series
Voltage capable for output 5V / 3.3V
Power Supply PC / Target board (3.3V - 5.5V)
Consumption current Maximum 80mA
LED Power
Body size W87 X D23 X H12 (mm)
Other function Number of writing devices. Error log function.
Serial number burial function.
Accessory Manual(CD)
Control software (CD)
USB extension cable (1m)
Target cable
Extension adaptor
FP4 adaptor
Control software (CD)