AP-IEB2(Protocol Analyzer)
<Connection> <Display> <Specification>

Clip Cable <==> Target Connection
TX- blue Connecting to TX- of IE-Bus
TX+ green Connectiong to TX+ of IE-Bus
GND black Connectiong to GND of target
No.1-8 white Input external trigger (TTL level)
GND black Connectiong to GND of target, if external trigger is used.


Trace screen
*Blue line is cursor position, red line is error(timing/parity/acknowledge).

External trigger setting
It can set up external false signal

Screen of macro


Product Name AP-IEB2
Monitoring Function
Emuration Function
-NEC ELECTRONICS uPD72042 (surported mode 0 and 1)
Base Clock 6.29MHz (6MHz is a custom product)
Interface -PCMCIA TYPE II (5V)
Macro Language -Control field has only surported "F" (data writing).
-Enable to transmit receive data calculated (+, -, AND, OR).
-Enable to load macro or subroutin at regular time intervals, and transtmit or calculate.
-Enable to load macro or subroutin by key input.
-Enable to use integer variable.
-It is avilable Condision judgement by pattern matching is possible to mask bit.
Host -DOS/V with PC card slot
OS -Windows95/98/Me/2000/XP
Power Supply -Supplied from PC
Drain Current 100mA (typ)
Body Size W85.6 X D54.0 X H5.0 (mm)
Accessories -Twist pair cable (1m)
-Application Software (FD)
-Terminating resistance Connector