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R-IN32M3-CLdeployment evaluation kit TS-R-IN32M3-CL-E

Product Informations

R-IN32M3 Evaluation Kit(Renesas Electronics System LSI R-IN32M3 series deployment.)

TS-R-IN32M3-CL R-IN32M3-CL deployment evaluation kit
Please contact a Renesas sales representative to inquire about making a purchase.
Specification Leaflet Users Manual USB Driver


  • Supports multiple protocols, such as CC-Link IE Field
    (protocols:CC-Link IE, EtherNet/IP, PROFINet, etc.)
  • Evaluation of various interfaces is possible.
    (Ethernet, CAN, I2C, UART(USB), etc.)


Product Name TS-R-IN32M3-CL-E
On-Board LSI Renesas Electronics System LSI R-IN32M3-CL Note 1
- ARM Cortex™-M3, 32-bit RISC CPU with HW-RTOS (Hardware RTOS)
- Operating frequency: 100MHz
- RAM: 1.3M-byte large-capacity
- 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000Base-T EtherMAC
Embedded memory Flash memory (Serial): 64M bitsl
Flash memory (Parallel): 8M 16bit
Interface UART(USB), I2C, CAN, RJ45(CC-Link IE/Ethernet) External PHY
Extention connector, CC-Link(Master/Slave) Note 2
Debug interface 20-pin half-pitch connector (trace supported)
Supported emulators IAR Systems:I-jet/JTAGjet
Yokogawa Digital Computer: adviceLUNA
Power supply AC adapter: 5.0V 5% 2A or more (Center plus) Note 3
Operating ambient
0 to +70℃
Dimensions W145mm × D95mm
Accessories USB cable : 1
Note 1. For more details on the R-IN32M3-CL LSI, refer to the related documents available from Renesas Electronics.
Note 2. The conformance of the circuitry for CC-Link/CC-Link IE of this board is corresponding. CC-Link supports only a slave.
Note 3. AC adapter is not included. Please purchase separately.

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