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Product Informations

Ultra-low power consumption energy harvesting, BLE5.0 evaluation board

Japanese radio law conformed
(specified radio equipment construction design certification)

chip 1 stop


  • This microprocessor evaluation board equipped with the ultra-low power consumption microprocessor “RE01B” with a built in RF transceiver manufactured by Renesas Electronics Corporation.
  • The Evaluation kit allows BLE (Bluetooth 5.0) transceiver evaluation and development.
  • The Evaluation kit allows user software development of the energy harvesting environment that combined ultra-low power consumption, energy harvest controller evaluation, power generating device of the energy harvesting and batteries.
  • The Evaluation sample software by Renesas Electronics Corporation is available.
  • The debugging connection is available by connecting a Renesas Electronics Corporation E2 emulator (E2 emulator lite), IAR I-jet or SEGGER J-Link to the SWD interface.
  • Realizes efficiently development such as compiling and debugging by Eclipse-based Renesas Electronics Corporation integrated development environment ”E2 Studio” (+ GNU Arm Embedded tool toolchain) or IAR EWARM.
  • Easy to start RF evaluation testing because Japanese radio law construction design certification are obtained.
  • The USB connection allows flash programming.
  • Expansion interfaces are equipped, including PMOD™ compatible connector.

* This product is intended to use particular software manufactured by Renesas Electronics Corporation.

Connection Example

EB-RE01B Connection Example


Product name/number EB-RE01B
MCU Renesas Electronics Corporation Arm® Cortex®-M0+ ultra-low power consumption SOTB™ process technology : RE01B (R7F0E01BD2DNB)
Internal memory : Flash ROM1.5MByte, RAM : 256Kbyte
External main clock crystal resonator : 32MHz
External sub clock crystal resonator : 32.768kHz (Low power consumption oscillation capable)
External RF part clock crystal resonator : 32MHz
RF transceiver
Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy single mode compliant
Japanese radio law : 2.4 GHz band wide-band low-power data communication system
RF frequencies : 2402MHz - 2480MHz
Antenna Dielectric chip antenna
USB connector (USB-Serial transform, universal UART/programming)
SWD 20pin 1.27mm Pitch connector (19pin Cortex-M)
Pmod™ connector x2 (12Pin SPI/12Pin UART)
Switch / LED Reset switch
General purpose momentary switch
MCU mode setting switches x2
Discharge switches x2
Power supply LED
General purpose LED
USB-Serial transmission LED x2
MCU voltage DC 1.62~3.6V (RF part 1.8~3.6V)
PWB dimensions 156 x 110 (mm)
Sample software Evaluation sample software supplied from Renesas Electronics Corporation
Software development environment Renesas Electronics Corporation integrated development environment ”E2 Studio”, IAR EWARM.
Debugging emulator Renesas Electronics Corporation E2 emulator, E2 emulator lite, IAR I-jet, SEGGER J-Link
PC OS Windows 10
Package components Evaluation board EB-RE01B 1 Set
* Download documents and sample programs, etc. from the web site.