Revision Data

AP-ALDM2 Ver2.1
[ Ver2.01 --> Ver2.1 Correction ]

  1. It will occur an error if a folder or a file having spaces are selected in COPENR and COPENW.
  2. Defect on GOSUB corrected.
  3. Not execute command of ECHO in the line of next to GOSUB.
  4. Prosedure of routine run has be excecuted after the end of macro, just one time.
  5. Not substitute [-1] to INT variable. (Load error)
  6. Not recognize [-1] in IF, SWITCH and WHILE statment. (Load error)
  7. Only when errno is [-1] in RECV and CHECK command, it will be substituted the value to errno. (when is [0], not substitute)

Please overwrite an unzip file to a folder instoaled AP-ALDM software.